1. They make it fun.

    We love Red Zone Kickboxing. My son does karate and I am a kickboxing member. The instructors are awesome. They have taught my son a lot. They make me work my butt off. They make it fun.

    Nicole A.
  2. The Best Money Ever Spent

    I was looking for a new workout routine and stumbled across Red Zone Kickboxing through a Groupon. It was the best money ever spent, and the most intense, exhilarating workout I’ve ever experienced. I look forward to continuing my workouts here and would highly recommend this place to anyone who is ready to break a sweat and throw some punches!

    Hollie E.
  3. Awesome Deal

    It’s a shame to see one rating so low when all the other reviews are great, I’ve been coming here for about 9 months now I love their night classes, I never seem to make it on the weekend, I came upon this place through their groupon, which is an awesome deal and I’m so glad I went for it, it’s fun and quite the work out, I highly recommend this place, everyone is great and welcoming and encouraging, what do you have to lose, except a few pounds?

    Aida S.
  4. Everyone is Really Positive

    I’ve taken a lot of “kickboxing” classes which end up being “cardio kickboxing” this one is a little bit of both. They offer a more aerobic class and a more “technique” based class, but both will kick your ass for sure. In addition, it doesn’t have the “fast moves” that the traditional cardio kickboxing classes that I’ve taken. You really can go at your own pace without being trampled. (you know, the classes that seem like you’re just doing dance moves vs a work out)

    Class size is limited, everyone is really positive and the instructors are GREAT! They are not only encouraging, but will also push you hard core. I already feel the results and I’m only going once a week. They have a great internet deal for 3 classes (which includes the gloves) and I already signed up for a membership.

    I really like the use of the punching bags, weighted balls, hand weights etc. They make it a pretty integrative work-out. There is a lot of diversity too to each class..they always have something different up their sleeves. No 2 classes I’ve been to have been the same.

    Michele W.
  5. Truly an Awesome Class

    It is truly an awesome class. I am completely hooked and I can’t wait for my next class. I received individual attention in this group class. Instructors know me and they encourage me to try my best. I walk out of every class with feeling that I have given everything and know that I got a great workout. I appreciate the dedication instructors give to the class. Also, I love that fact that each class is filled with some hard-working students to encourage me even more. Thanks for the great workout!

    Stella P.
  6. I Highly Recommend this Place

    I’ve done a few different types of kickboxing classes over the last few years and this one is the best. I have never sweated so much in my life end enjoyed doing it. The class is tough but great for all different fitness levels because you can go at your own pace. I highly recommend this place to everyone I know, totally amazing!!!

    Tiffany R.
  7. The Instructors are Great

    I had been wanting to try a kickboxing class for ages, so when a Groupon popped up for this place 5 minutes from my house, I nabbed it right away. 10 classes and a set of boxing gloves for $50? That’s a ridiculous deal. I’ve been to two classes so far and I am already sure I’ll be joining once I’ve used up the Groupon. Their classes are really intense and you work up a ridiculous sweat. The instructors are great and take the time to make sure the newbies get the moves down.

    The kickboxing classes do get busy, so you need to reserve your spot for each class. At first I thought that might be a pain because I liked the idea of being able to run off to a class last minute, but it actually helps keep me accountable and will make sure I can’t blow off class because I don’t feel like going. Not that I’d ever do that! ?

    If you’ve been wanting to give kickboxing a try, this is great place to do it!

    Stephanie B.
  8. Awesome Workout

    Awesome workout!! This is such a great place to try out kickboxing. I’ve been going here since April and it’s felt like I’ve known the staff much longer. They are very personable and encouraging. They really know what moves work to make everyone break a sweat! Not only will you burn calories and tone up at their classes, you will walk away feeling great! A bit sweaty, but great! 1 hour of time well spent! And as you can see from the picture I uploaded, 1 class a week for me has made quite an impact on my body!

    I wasn’t completely out of shape when I started going here. But in 6 classes I’ve toned my abs, my thighs, my arms, and my ass!

    Jen P.
  9. Awesome Deal

    This place is great! We have been to two classes already and they have been intense. Both times I left the class feeling accomplished and I have learned some new techniques. It is fun pushing yourself to the max. Used groupon for an awesome deal of 10 classes for $50.

    D M.
  10. Immediate Results

    What a wonderful way to work out! Although they have a clear path for achieving formal martial arts training, I attend the kickboxing classes for fitness. The evening class times are perfect for my schedule. The energy level is great, the instructors are very personable and you really get a sense that they care about you and helping you get the most out of your workout. All levels of fitness attend their classes and newbies are encouraged while seasoned workout professionals are pushed throughout the same class. The classes have similar enough moves so that you are not lost, but are cleverly varied to pass the time quickly. After trying many different work-out regimes, this one gave me immediate results and seems to work the best for motivating me to come consistently. They are generous about letting you try out different classes to see which is the best fit, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

    Bridget E.