You will LOVE IT

I came upon Red Zone Kickboxing from a groupon deal. I had been interested in trying out kickboxing as an exercise workout. I joined the 1st week of March and I absolutely love it! The instructor Leo was very nice and made me feel welcomed from the get go. He contacted me to set up my 1st class and gave me a brief run down on what items I should bring to class. I went to my first class not knowing what to expect. I’ve got to say it was one hell of a work out and I enjoyed every moment of it! Within the first 15 minutes I was dripping in sweat and we were only in warm ups. This Kickboxing class was very enjoyable! The instructor Leo was very interactive with the entire class. He greets everyone when they arrive. Throughout the class he walks around the studio and is ensuring that everyone is doing all techniques properly. He is also encouraging everyone to do their best at every workout. Although this is a class the instructors make it a point to work with everyone one on one. I really liked that they worked with everyone on a personal basis because it isn’t a sink or swim environment. There is music throughout the class which makes it even better and super fun! The music is a great mixture of all different varieties and really gets you pumped up! Leo makes it fun because he is really interactive with the class and the music. You can catch him singing along. I absolutely love the encouragement I get throughout the class. Like I said before I felt very welcomed since day 1. The other kick boxers in the class are very friendly as well. They also give encouragement and also assist other kick boxers with their techniques, especially newbies. After my 1st class I felt very refreshed and energized. I knew this was the work out for me. I have been coming to Red Zone Kickboxing classes for about a month now and I still enjoy every moment of the class. Everyday I look forward to going to class. Kickboxing is definitely my new hobby! A month in and I already feel myself getting stronger. Don’t worry if you feel the workouts are too much for you. You can go at your own pace and you will continue to get the encouragement and motivation from the instructors and other kick boxers. I highly recommend trying it out! You will LOVE IT!!!!

Jen A.