The Workout is AMAZING

I’ve never owned a gym membership in my 28 years of life and this year 2014 I was one of “those” people that made a resolution to start working out. I took a chance on the Groupon special to see if this would hold my interest (it takes a lot to get me to workout) and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I like that there is someone telling me what to do for the entire hour. I can’t be trusted to work out on my own, I basically need someone to tell me exactly what to do. It’s kind of like having a personal trainer. The teachers here are really nice and encouraging and non-intimidating, which is important if you’re an anti-gym rat like me.

The workout is AMAZING. I am literally drenched in sweat every single class. There is variety from class to class so we’re not doing the same thing every time. Also the class times they offer are perfect for those of us working all day.

I still struggle every day to get my butt off the couch to go to the gym but once I’m here, I feel so good and that feeling keeps me coming back for more.

Michelle P.