Red Zone Kickboxing welcomes members with all fitness levels to join our kickboxing gym in Lake Forest. Our kickboxing classes are high-energy and will motivate you to work hard and push yourself to higher limits and reach your own personal goals.

Are you ready to transform your lifestyle and challenge yourself to new limits?

Red Zone’s kickboxing classes are just what you need. Sign up for our 3-Class Special and begin your fitness journey with Red Zone Kickboxing!

Register for the 3-Class Special today and you’ll get:

  • Free kickboxing gloves ($45 value)

    Red Zone Kickboxing provides everything you will need to get started! Kickboxing gloves are a necessity in order to protect your hands from punching. No need to purchase expensive kickboxing gloves from the sporting goods store, just sign up and show up to our kickboxing gym and get started!

  • Heart rate and class performance monitoring

    In order to reach your goals in the most effective way is to monitor your progress. At Red Zone Kickboxing, your fitness goals and safety is our number one priority which is why we provide our trial members with a heart rate monitor to ensure that their heart rates stay within a healthy zone. Additionally, using a heart rate monitor will allow you to track your progress and performance.

  • Personalized Training and Attention

    It can be overwhelming for some to begin a new workout class and sometimes that makes it difficult to know where to start. We offer personalized goal sessions that will assist you with setting attainable goals and establish a plan.

    While you focus on your fitness goals, our trainers are focused on you. Although you will be a part of a class, our members receive personalized attention to perfect their form and get the most out of our kickboxing classes.

  • Meal Plans

    If your goals is to lose weight and burn fat through kickboxing classes, you can expedite that process by implementing a structured meal plan. By registering with Red Zone Kickboxing, we’ll help you find the best meal plan according to your goals.

  • Amazing Social Atmosphere

    We are not a typical gym where fear and intimidation welcome you. In fact, we are the complete opposite of that. Red Zone Kickboxing is proud of the inviting atmosphere that we have created. We welcome women, men, even children of all ages and fitness levels to join our vibrant workout classes. As a result of that, our members turn into friends and develop valuable relationships. What other gym can give you that?   

Are you interested in a Kickboxing fitness class?

Our goal is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

3 Classes for $19.99 + You Get:

  • Free Kickboxing Gloves ($45 Value)
  • HR Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring


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