If you’re tired of running countless miles on the treadmill and you’re looking for a cardiovascular activity that will help you lose weight and blast fat, consider signing up for a kickboxing class. A kickboxing class is a great way to burn calories (your average class will burn up to 500 calories!) and target those trouble areas like the arms, abs, thighs, and butt.

As a leading provider of kickboxing classes in California, Red Zone Kickboxing is passionate about helping people reach their fitness needs. In this blog, we’re going to go over some kickboxing moves that are known to blast fat to help you expedite your weight loss journey.

The Jab

Perhaps the most well known kickboxing move is the jab. This straight punch is recommended when you need to fight an attacker head-on. To perform this calorie-burning move, stand with your right foot forward in a fighting stance. Rotate your right hip forward and extend your arm straight out (as if you were aiming for the attacker’s nose). Make sure your fist is parallel to the floor, and that your arm and shoulder are in line. Keep in mind that these are fast punches that require tremendous control, so you’ll want to recoil your arm as soon as you extend it.

Front Kick

One of the first moves that you’ll learn in a kickboxing class is the front kick. This is essentially a jab with using the heel of your foot, with the imaginary target being the attacker’s knee, groin, or chest. To perform a front kick, stand with your left foot forward and place your fists near your face in a fighting stance. Shift your body weight to the right foot and bring your left knee up to your chest with your foot flexed. Kick out from the hip, as if you were punching someone with your heel, and retract your leg to return to your original fighting stance.

These are just two of the many fat-blasting moves that you’ll learn in a kickboxing class. Visit Red Zone Kickboxing in Lake Forest to sign up for a class today!