Kickboxing is a great cardio workout and aims to increase strength, coordination, and confidence in those who try it. It’s been around for a long time but has really gained visibility in gyms and stand-alone facilities in the last five years or so.

At Red Zone Kickboxing, we train those with every level of experience — from novices to experts. We’ll help you reach your fitness goals whether they’re are for pure fitness or self-defense. If you’re new to kickboxing, join us in today’s post as we provide the things to think about before you go to your first kickboxing class.

Kickboxing: What You Need To Know Before You Go

Kickboxing is an umbrella term in the US that fuses karate and boxing which bans strikes from anything but your arms and legs (no elbows or knees) and cannot attack an opponent’s legs, groin, or back. Kickboxing at our facility is completely for fitness purposes so there is no training for a kickboxing match.

Before you attend your first kickboxing class, take a minute and consider these things including:

Find a class and an instructor you like – Inquire about the type of classes the kickboxing gym has, and figure out what you’re looking for. Do you want self-defense or a class you can meet your friends at after work for a fun but tough workout? Then you can spy on the instructors a little! Read reviews, staff bios, and feedback from their website and see if you vibe with one more than another. The best thing is to always try it out, but it helps if you have a starting point.

Think about your goals – It’s important to know what it is you want to get from a kickboxing class — are you looking for improved cardiovascular or as a supplemental workout to your strength training?

Be honest in where you’re at – It’s great to start something new and dive right in, but if you’ve been sedentary for a while it’ll take some time to get into the groove of things — and that’s okay! Just know you may need to pace yourself and know your limits!

Watch a couple of videos – There is nothing wrong with educating yourself on kickboxing before you go. Watching videos can help you familiarize with different moves and kicks that you might be doing in class.

Remember where martial arts came from – Many martial arts were developed by monks in monasteries and there is the stereotype of them sitting and meditating peacefully before they began any type of training. You could start with the very basics of ancient martial arts and try meditating! Meditation is wonderful for visualization work that improves reaction times and focus, which will only help you in a kickboxing class. Give meditation a try before hitting the kickboxing gym!

When there is a little preparation before your first kickboxing class, it can make that first experience all the better!

To schedule your first kickboxing experience, connect with us today!