Welcome to Red Zone Kickboxing blog page! We are Lake Forest’s Top Rated Local® kickboxing gym and we’re excited you’re here.


Red Zone Kickboxing is more than just a gym and our trainers are more than just trainers. We strive to be a place where our clients can come have fun, work hard and be the best version of themselves. Our atmosphere is high-energy and will test your mental and physical limits whether you’re a beginner, or a veteran kickboxer, Red Zone will help you reach your fitness goals.


Have you ever ran on a treadmill and felt like you’re just not getting anywhere? Running on the treadmill or climbing on an elliptical can be an uneventful way to working up a sweat, not to mention the benefits aren’t that great. It’s a no-brainer that cardiovascular exercise is good for the mind and body, but there are so many other ways to achieve a cardio-based workout than pushing the treadmill belt for 45 minutes. Kickboxing has been an effective form of exercise for years and a great way to achieve a tough workout that you can have fun at the same time. If you are considering joining a kickboxing class, we’re here to tell you some of the amazing benefits of kickboxing and why you should enroll today!


Confidence Boost

Working out is proven to give you a quick boost in confidence, especially when you incorporate exercise into your regular routine. Kickboxing, on the other hand, serves two purposes that doubles your confidence boost as you are also learning a form of self-defense. At Red Zone Kickboxing, we work with you to learn the proper form of kickboxing techniques that engage every bit of your body to give you the most effective kickboxing workout ever.


Burns Fat Fast

A 155 lb person can burn 740+ calories during a one-hour kickboxing class. While burning major calories, kickboxing speeds up your metabolism and because kickboxing engages your entire body, you will quickly see the results pay off through incredible muscle tone. The high-intensity and the full-body cardio workout is the perfect solution to achieve weight loss while getting into great physical shape.


So Much Energy

Performing a high-intensity kickboxing routine seems like you’d leave exhausted. In fact, a great kickboxing class will do the complete opposite. The adrenaline and other natural endorphins that pump through your body give your body a natural boost of energy all on its own. In addition, the electricity and energy of our classes will motivate and increase your energy as well.


Say Goodbye To The Gym

Red Zone Kickboxing is more than a gym that offers fitness classes. We are a family that is all here for the same thing–a judgment-free place to focus on your fitness goals. Our trainers take the time to hear your story, learn your goals, and will work with you to guide you to a plan and give you the best results possible. We offer specialized and unique kickboxing classes that change often to avoid gym boredom.

Stress Relief

Kickboxing classes at Red Zone is a great way to de-stress and let out your pent-up frustrations, no matter how big or small. Relieve yourself of mental stress and let it all out in our kickboxing gym. The physical impact of kicking, punching and the high-intensity nature of the workout gradually improves your focus and eliminates stress in a healthy and positive way.  


The benefits of kickboxing are limitless. Every one of our kickboxing clients has reported a benefit that they’ve gained unique to themselves. Enroll today to learn what you’ll gain from Red Zone Kickboxing classes!