When you’re new to a kickboxing gym or group fitness class, there is often unspoken etiquette that members have established, and while most of it is common sense, some people just may not know!

At Red Zone Kickboxing, we want you to find a fitness home here! Learn to kickbox and improve your strength, coordination, and find a community here! Because we want you to feel right at home whether it’s your first visit or not, in today’s post we’ll touch on kickboxing etiquette to use while you’re in the gym!

Common Etiquette You’ll Find At Every Kickboxing Gym

Being courteous of those around you is not only a nicety; at gyms, it can make or break your workout. Pay attention to the etiquette tips below to ensure you do not make any kickboxing snafus!

Don’t Be Smelly!

This is definitely is common sense, but sometimes it’s the little things that can be overlooked. While you yourself may be clean and fresh, your kickboxing wraps and shoes may get a little stinky over time. Remember to wash your wraps and shoes every now and then to prevent people from choking on your aroma, and wipe down your gloves with an antibacterial wipe. You can also put socks stuffed with cedar chips inside your gloves to keep them smelling good!

Work With The Kickboxing Trainor

Many times, people want to do their own thing when they’re in the gym, but our group classes were designed to physically and mentally challenging and to give you the best workout to achieve your fitness goals — so stick with the experts; they know what they’re doing!

Arrive Early if it’s Your First Time

If it’s your first time to our kickboxing gym, it’s important to show up at least 10 to 20 minutes early to fill out any paperwork and familiarize yourself with the facility. A staff member is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t Hover Over a Bag

If the previous class is still working, don’t hover over a bag and wait impatiently. Give them room to finish and then grab a bag when they have left.

Stay Present

It’s understandable that life happens, and sometimes, you’ll need to leave early or answer your phone in class, but don’t be on and off the phone throughout the whole thing. Have respect for the others around you and unplug. A ring or beep can be distracting and affect the workouts of the others. Instead, stay present and leave technology out of the space!

Refrain From Using the Class as a Method in Dating

It can be frustrating for a woman working out to have a guy come up and “offer help—” please don’t. It’s inappropriate and often unwarranted. If she asks for help, that is one thing, but don’t be going around trying to get her to go on a date.

Ask For Help

As a novice, one of the biggest disservices you can do is not ask for help! Everyone wants you to succeed, and that is why there is a trainer present. Don’t be shy and get help!

Kickboxing gym etiquette is important because it improves the experience for everyone, so it’s important everyone is on the same page! Now you’re armed with the information so you’ll never make an etiquette mistake again!

Walk into our gym and become part of our fitness fam! Learn to kickbox today!